From Allie:

I am so happy that I joined MOMS Club when I moved to Bethesda. Through MOMS Club, I have made lifelong friends, found an incredible support network, and learned all about activities in the Bethesda area. Some of my favorite parts of the club include: playgroups, holiday parties for the kids, and monthly book club.

From Jocelyn:

I knew I needed to find activities for me and my three children when we moved to Bethesda from abroad. The playgroups with my youngest child and the friendships I have made with the mamas (many of whom patiently answered all my DC/Bethesda questions) were all incredibly helpful in easing my family’s transition and making us feel like a part of a community.

From Kelly:

MOMS Club of Bethesda has been a wonderful support group for myself and my two young children. I originally joined shortly before my daughter turned 1 and we both enjoyed the playgroups and activities where she could be with other babies. I had my son right at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and MOMS Club became essential to my sanity while we were quarantined with weekly storytime Zooms and nighttime Mom’s Only chats. I felt the club did a good job with the difficult task of keeping everyone connected and engaged while being mindful of public safety precautions.

From Min:

I’m so thankful to have found the MOMS Club of Bethesda! It’s been great to meet and become friends with other local moms. We’ve become each other’s resource for ideas and advice. And my kids always have a lot of fun at a MOMS Club event.

From Sherri:

I joined the MOMS Club 8 years ago when my son was a toddler. I needed a chance to connect with other moms and loved doing the playgroups. I met such wonderful women who became my friends, and even after my son went off to school, I enjoyed doing the parks and playground meet-ups so he could hang out with more kids. I continued to be part of MOMS Club because of the mom friends I had made, so I helped organized Mom’s coffee houses, brunches, Mom’s Night Out, and any social events I could think of. I still value their thoughts on motherhood, schools, and raising kids, since we are all dealing with the same issues. The parties were such a fun tradition to carry on even after my son got older – Halloween, Valentine’s Day, the Spring Party, and the Holiday Party. It has been a great experience for my and my son!

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