Soon after joining the MOMS Club of Bethesda, as a brand-new mom of a six week old baby girl, I was showered with food from my new chapter’s members as a part of their Sunshine MOMS program which helps members during a difficult period, such as illness or after the birth of a new baby. I quickly made friends, and have continued to meet weekly for playgroups and other events. It has really made living away from family much easier and given me a great group of friends to share my baby’s milestones with, as I do with their children. I love how our group offers events geared towards my interests, such as our crafting group, as well as my toddler’s interests, which include running around the park!

-Meghan M. Member Since 2015

Support When I Needed It

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This is the perfect community to meet other moms and find great things to do as a stay at home mom. My baby now has tons of other baby friends and I’ve made lifelong friends. -Meghan M.

Friends Forever

A great group of ladies! -Christie A.