Monthly Socials: Open to the Public

Our socials are held once a month on a week day, with location and time noted on the monthly calendar.  They usually include an activity for the kids, with either a guest speaker or a topic for group discussion.

Our socials provide members with an opportunity to learn what is happening in the MOMS Club.  Since this event typically has the largest member turnout of any of our events, they also are a great opportunity to meet and network with other members.  We typically meet at a park in the summer so the kids can enjoy playing outside together, and at a public location in the local community during the school year.  We have snacks, and baby and toddler toys available at each social.  There is also a treasure chest filled with goodies for our birthday girls and boys.

Socials are open to the public and the perfect way to meet people, make suggestions and decisions about future plans or events, and have fun.  All moms and children are welcome to the socials.  Please go to to find out about joining us for future events or socials.

Hope to see you soon!